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You Need To Be Using A Workforce Management Platform To Track Your Employees

1. Competitiveness

Being able to respond quickly to customer requests about how, when, and what will give you an advantage over your competitors not yet using a tracking platform. Conversely, if your competitors are using a tracking platform you will be at a disadvantage to your competitors.

2. Better Invoicing

Because workforce management systems are collecting field data in an instant and actionable way, invoicing can be done quicker and more accurately.

3. Correct Timecard

Employees don’t work for free. Getting quick actionable timecard data into a central database allows the payroll manager to get the paychecks out much easier.

4. Safety

Knowing where your employees are at all times allows you to get to them quickly in the event of an incident. Furthermore, employees on a workforce management platform can report safety-related issues and share that information with other employees doing work on the same job.

5. Productivity

Workforce management solutions gives the office the ability to crunch the data quickly in any way they want. This allows management to manage productivity

6. Honesty

Employees who are on a workforce management platform cannot lie about their locations or time. Because they know they are being tracked while working, they are much less likely to attempt suspect behavior.

7. Compliance

Failure to properly record paid time, meal breaks, and reimbursements can land you in hot water with State and Federal agencies. Overzealous attorneys look for improper documentation, so they sue employers. 250 meal break lawsuits are filed in California every month.

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